Procedure for conducting electronic votes

As modified by Board Resolution 2018-27 on 1 July 2018.

The basic working procedures for the Board of Trustees are defined in the ISOC bylaws. These internal procedures provide additional rules for the preparation and conduct of the Board.

  1. Electronic votes shall be conducted using process described in Article II Section 9 of the By-Laws.
  1. Closure for voting

Any Trustee is permitted to change his or her vote at any time until the voting ends.

  1. Voting options

The electronic voting options are: Yes/No/Abstain. For votes of No or Abstain, the trustee shall indicate whether he or she accepts the vote result as binding.

  1. Conditions for positive vote

An action passes if every voting trustee votes Yes, or if a majority vote Yes and every voting trustee who did not vote Yes accepts the vote as binding. For decisions where a larger majority is required by the ISOC bylaws, that rule will prevail. Trustees may state that they accept the result as binding at any time, even if the voting has ended.

  1. Announcing the results

Under the bylaws, the VA announces the result to the board mailing list. The announcement should include the date and time of each vote or abstention as well as the names of any trustees who did not cast a vote before the voting time limit passed.

  1. Recording at a board meeting

All motions passed by electronic vote shall be noted in the minutes of the next board meeting.