Procedure for the Establishment and Conduct of Chapters

Author(s): D. Heath, M. Burack, M. Selby
Date: 1997.12.15
Committee: BoT
Document: 97-02
Revision: 2
Supersedes: 94-224
Status: Adopted by Resolutions 95-19, 97-19, 97-35
Maintainer: G. Huston

Procedure adopted as part of:
Resolution 95-19 – Chapter Formation approval,
Resolution 97-17. ISOC Chapter Policy,
Resolution 97-35 ISOC Chapter Guidelines.

This document describes the Society’s policies and procedures in the establishment and conduct of chapters of the Internet Society

1. Establishment of Chapters
Any responsible party may submit a request to establish a chapter to the ISOC Secretariat.ISOC’s Vice-President for Chapters (or designee) will consult with the ISOC Executive Director on the matter and provide some immediate response to the requesting party regarding the feasibility of establishing such a chapter.The requesting party will then provide a detailed written charter for the proposed chapter, addressing all of the items contained in this policy statement and guideline.Upon receipt of the final draft charter, a second review will be undertaken by ISOC and approval made by the Vice-President for Chapters in consultation with the Executive Director and the President. If the response at any point in establishing a chapter is negative, the party can appeal directly to the Board of Trustees. Final approval of chapters lies with the Board of Trustees.

2. Purpose of Chapters
Chapters of the Internet Society serve the Society’s purposes by serving the interests of a segment of the global Internet community through a local presence, focus on local issues and developments, including cultural, commercial and use of local languages. Every chapter shall have an explicit statement of purpose.

3. Scope of Chapters
Chapters may be established on a non-exclusive basis to cater to the needs of any specific, cohesive community of interest. Generally this will be a regional community within national boundaries.Where a significant overlap of the defined communities arises from the proposed creation of a new chapter, a compelling reason must exist for such a redundancy. This does not preclude formation of City/State/Province/Department chapters where a chapter already extends to national boundaries.

4. Funding of Chapters
Chapters will generally be funded by local membership dues or grants.Chapters may also generate funds as follows:

Organizational members of ISOC may become organizational members of chapters by paying a supplemental fee, to be determined by the Chapter, directly to the Chapter.

An organization may become an “Individual Membership Partner” whereby it pays the ISOC membership fees for a minimum of five individuals and receives local chapter recognition for the organisational support.

Chapters may solicit funds from local organizations to support chapter activities.

Dues may be charged for chapter individual memberships in addition to the dues that the individual member pays to ISOC.

5. Public Positions and Statements
Specific officials of chapters may make public statements and take public positions as long as such statements are:

Related to and advance the purposes of the Internet Society

Not contrary to a position taken by the Board of Trustees

Prepared and presented in a professional manner

Not likely to give rise to any significant liability of a legal or juridical nature.

Where there is any question regarding the appropriateness of a public position or statement, the chapter is expected to consult with the Society’s headquarters. If the statement is one made before a governmental body outside of the national boundaries of the country within which the chapter is located, such consultation is mandatory and prior approval must be obtained.

The Society’s headquarters shall be informed of all significant public positions and statements taken or issued by a chapter, preferably in advance, but in any case within 24 hours after issuing the statement.

All public positions and statements made by a chapter shall clearly indicate the source as the “- – Chapter of the Internet Society”.

6. Members
All individuals and organizations falling within the defined scope of the chapter shall be eligible for membership without discrimination.All members of a chapter shall also be members of ISOC. Membership is not necessary, however, for participation in the activities of the society or its chapters. The Chapter shall have at least 25 financial individual members of ISOC.

7. Liabilities
The Internet Society shall not be liable for any act or omission or incurred liability of any kind of any Chapter.

8. Organization
Chapters will be encouraged but not required to constitutes themselves as not-for-profit corporate persons.Chapters will have as a minimum a defined Board of Directors, Officers, a written charter, members and a fixed corporate address.Chapters will be responsible for maintaining a current list of members that is available to the Internet Society Secretariat at all times. Arrangements may be made for the Internet Society Secretariat assisting chapters in this task.Chapters may be subject to an annual review conducted by the ISOC Secretariat, or by an individual appointed by the ISOC Secretariat, to ensure that the chapter is adhering to ISOC and Chapter policies and procedures.Chapters must submit to ISOC the chapter’s annual financial report, annual activity report, and other reports as may be requested by ISOC.Chapters will have their status reconfirmed by the ISOC Secretariat at least once every 36 months.

9. Activities
A Chapter may undertake any activity reasonably related to and in furtherance of the purposes of the Internet Society in its scope of jurisdiction.

10. Vice-President for Chapters
The ISOC Vice-President for Chapters may, at his discretion, determine to approve the formation of a Chapter of ISOC in such cases where the minimum criteria for Chapter formation is not formally met, upon submission of justifying information by the proposers.