Organization Members

Our Organization Members include representatives from the technology community, business, academia, and the not-for-profit sector. Together, these members help us fulfill our mission for the Internet to be open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy. The more diverse voices we have, the more effective we’ll be when it comes to influencing policy and promoting best practices. Your membership is critical to accomplishing these goals.

How we can help your organization


Gain knowledge and independent analysis of emerging issues in Internet policy, technology, and development that impact your role and investments in the Internet ecosystem.


Collaborate with respected industry leaders, top-level policy makers, and engineers to address the critical issues of keeping the global Internet open, safe, and an evolving platform for opportunity.


Connect with our global peer-to-peer network, invaluable for real-time problem solving, future planning, and establishing new partnerships and opportunities.

How your organization can help us

Spread the Word

Share our policy statements and technology standards with your industry peers, government contacts, and civil society partners to broaden the impact of our work worldwide.

Share Your Expertise

Serve as a topic expert or mentor with our education programs, helping to train the next generation of global Internet leaders – and maybe even identify your next superstar staff member.

Lead the Way

Take a leadership role in a working group, on the Organization Member Advisory Council, or on the Board of Trustees to advance our mission and shape the future of the Internet.

Interested in becoming an Internet Society Organization Member? Please email us at to have a staff member discuss your interest in more detail.

Read more about our Organization Membership Levels.

The incredible success of the Internet is based also on its innovative, multistakeholder governance. An Internet Society membership gives a great opportunity to be an active member of these processes that make the Internet work and underpin today’s Digital Economies.”

– Christoph Steck, Telefónica S.A.

Ericsson builds all of its products and services around the Internet. ISOC provides us an important opportunity to engage in conversations around the junction of technology and public policy. ISOC’s role in supporting Internet standards efforts is also very important for industry.”

– Scott Mansfield, Ericsson

What is an organization without its members? ISOC’s diverse footprint of organization members provide me and my organization with a unique opportunity to learn and exchange views on topical issues facing the Internet, as well as play a small part in shaping the future of the Net.”

– Desiree Miloshevic, ISOC Board Trustee, Afilias PLC

Internet governance is about informed engagement and consensus decision making. I rely on ISOC for its knowledgeable, accessible and balanced research, which focuses on the core issues at hand so that outcomes are well understood and accepted.”

– Byron Holland, President and CEO, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)