First Board, Council, and Member Meeting of the Internet Society

15 June 1992

INET ’92 in Kobe serves as the forum for the Internet Society’s first formal meetings. The Internet Society’s inaugural board meeting features, among other actions, execution of the final version of the original ISOC Charter, and the Board’s unanimous approval of the amended IAB Charter—which brings the IAB’s activities into the Internet Society and changes its name of that organization from the “Internet Activities Board” to the “Internet Architecture Board.”

The first Board meeting also helps lay the groundwork for Internet Society chapters, as board member and General Conference Chair Hideo Aiso reports that there is great interest in Japan in forming a chapter of the Internet Society. The Board agrees to form a working group “to explore the manner in which such local organizations could be formed and function in way that is productive for the groups and contributes to the overall health of the Society at the same time.”