Internet Governance

A development agenda for Internet Governance

Workshop 316

Implementing the WSIS Principles: A development agenda for Internet Governance

My friend Bill Drake organized this workshop and he was so kind to invite me as panellist, other speakers were:

Anriette Esterhuysen
Executive Director, Association for Progressive Communications, South Africa

Derrick Cogburn
Associate Professor of International Relations, American University, and Senior Scientist and Chief Research Director at the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, United States of America

Christine Arida
Director for Telecom Planning and Services, Egyptian National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Government of Egypt

Alice Munyua
Convenor, East African IGF and Kenya ICT Action Network,
Communications Commission, Government of Kenya

Hong Xue
Professor of Law and Director of the Institute for Internet Policy & Law, Beijing Normal University, China

Fiona Alexander
Associate Administrator (Head of Office) for International Affairs,
National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Department of Commerce, Government of the United States

Elfa Yr Gylfadottir
Adviser, Office of cultural affairs, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Iceland

One interesting outcome of the dialog that was generated during the workshop is that although the fact that Development has always been a cross cutting theme in the IGF, it has not been completely addressed in the debates held in main sessions and in workshops.

One proposal was made to have Development as a main session theme, or set up a dynamic coalition, or an interest group.

Having this special space for debate may bring more attention from the development countries governments, that are not always able to follow the IGF process.