Internet Governance

Balancing between online freedom of expression and privacy

Moderator: Eui-Sun Yoo (Korea)

This workshop focused on the positive links between internet rights and principles and their interdependencies to find an appropriate balance between these two values. Freedom to express an unpopular opinion should be possible especially when someone may be agreeing or disagreeing with a government policy.  Freedom of expression and privacy can work together through anonymity. People can express themselves without having their name associated with it. Modern privacy laws enable you to control personal information about yourself and that held by others.  We all have  a practical right to disclose information about ourselves, but what happens when someone else gets hold of it and uses it, for sale, etc? Derek Wyatt  (UK MP) said that although the internet was 40 years old, some important policies still have not been developed. 20 years ago the UN convention for the Rights of the Child was signed, yet these rights have not yet been transferred to the internet. What happens off line should happen online! You can’t restrict human rights by restricting their use of the Net and putting constraints on it, so who owns your human rights?  Various panel members from different countries presented experiences from their own diverse backgrounds.