Internet Governance

ccTLD Governance Session provides real enlightenment

The panelists selected for Workshop 204: The Governance issues of Country Code Top Level Domains held at 4.30 p.m. on November 16th proved to be perhaps one of the most suited to discuss the salient issues surrounding the topic under review.

In particular, Dr. Y.J. Park, Senior Research Fellow of the Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) in the Netherlands was able to convey some very key points, based on empirical research, relating to ccTLD redelgation and the challenges encountered therein.

Matthew Weill of AFNIC gave an honest interpretation and viewpoint relating to the renewed interests by world governments in the use of the ccTLD assets and the desire of several governments to have this asset, if not returned to the state for redistribution, at least regulated by the state or quasi-state apparatus.

The ITU’s position on this was also most enlightening, and may be considered by some actors in this sector to be somewhat controversial – if the response from the audience was anything to be guided by.

The meaty susbstance of this Workshop is truly difficult to capture in a blog such as this, and I strongly recommend that all interested, head on over to the on-demand section of the UN IGF Webcast at and take a listen to the on-demand audiocast of Workshop 204.