Internet Governance

ICT development in Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh has been created through the wealth of the culture that Egypt can offer to its tourism industry. At the opening ceremony the Prime Minister of Egypt acknowledged that they still have some way to go to address the poverty and digital divide issues that exist in their country but for which they have a long term strategic plans. In the past, like other developing countries, the Egyptian government has relied on Aid funding to address its social, economic and environmental issues. Today, the government has committed to prioritizing ICT to help address the issues of poverty and lack of access to the internet by a major section of its population. This commitment has been demonstrated by the appointment of a new Minister of ICT and a Ministry whose role will be to develop and support projects and policies that will address Millennium Development Goals using ICT. The profile of this Ministry and the focus of growth of access to the internet by more of their country’s population were raised by both the Prime Minister and the Minister of ICT at the opening ceremony and reinforced by the head of Egypt’s Telecom at the Gala Dinner. A recent development was officially launched at an event to which ISOC personnel were invited. This is a new initiative where UNESCO has partnered with a major Egyptian private sector company to collaboratively support local development projects.