Internet Governance

Internet Governance and Recovery and Economic Growth

The workshop number 291 with the above title is being held in Room 2 (Sinai). Extremely informed panelist and very well chaired by Herbert (SAP) and the salient points which were discussed listed below:

  • Governments of emerging markets rely on ICT rather than developed markets wherein stimulus packages can be given.
  • Reacting to financial crisis scenario is a multi-stakeholder responsibility and not only of governments.
  • ICT sector contributes to the treasury of the government
  • Open dialogue is a must for internet issues. Governments cannot stay in offices to form ICT strategies. Consultations should be the key process for .
  • Right foundation is must to real the benefits of technology. Just Throwing money is not going to be beneficial. The right foundation consists of lots of I’s
  1. Infrastructure – Connectivity, Systems & baseline of regulations.
  2. Innovation – Environment supporting Innovation.
  3. Investing scenarios – Micro & Venture Capital Interest
  4. Information flow – Information is the currency in digital economy.
  5. Intellectual capacity – Skills of people and capacity building capability
  6. Integration – Blending of front end and backend which means trade is enabled by ICT
  7. Implementation – Implementation of projects
  8. Inclusive – Enlarge the framework from which the people can benefit 
  • Regulator should be flexible in times of crisis to pull through the economic crisis.
  • Diversity is the name of the game in tiring times. 
  • Regulator intervention is required to defend infrastructure. This was mentioned in the backdrop of undersea cables damage 
  • Continuing need to build infrastructure is true but decision of investing by nation states needs to be taken by each nation state. This was in the backdrop of Wi-Max Implementation and broaband strategy by nation states.
  •  Political Will is a must to implement the ICT Policy.
  •  Infrastructure projects are easier to implement rather than the content development projects. Governments needs convincing to support this long haul projects.