Internet Governance

The Challenges of Being Literate on the Internet

I definitely like my coffee brewed, with cream, sugar and very warm. I’ve had Arabic coffee even back in the Philippines because a friend of mine owned a coffee shop serving Arabic coffee. Those were strong! It does give me a real headache after five cups straight but I kept on drinking that coffee because I could actually taste its flavor and smell its aroma.  Imagine my disdain when the first coffee I had here in Sharm was from those little packets of Nescafe. Well,in this case, today I had “cold coffee” during the session (figuratively speaking).

True – Internet Literacy is important. It encompasses new perspectives and new engagement of society. It also talks about the political and social component, particularly the latter,on what skills someone might need to be literate. Does the idea of translation actually motivates people to be more literate? Guess it could…

What indeed is the real challenge? I couldn’t get that moot point among the discussion right away until a comment arose from the audience.  The comment was with regards to social and cultural literacy – a real challenge pointed out by the Council of  Europe representative, that includes what socialization is, the competencies and ethics.

Being opinionated as I am, I’ve got something to say though.  I honestly think that “almost” everybody from the educated sector know how access to access the Internet.  But how or what to do “around” now that you’re connected?