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The ISOC IGF Ambassadors Program at IGF’2009 launched…!

The ISOC IGF Ambassadors Program for the Internet Governance Forum 2009 was successfully launched in Sharam El-Sheikh Egypt at the venue building of the IGF with a full-day kick off meeting on the 14th of November 2009 just a day prior to the IGF launch. I am participating from Pakistan (Fouad Bajwa, member/advisor of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group of the IGF) and this is my first IGF ever. There is an amazing diversity of participants from the developing world within the energetic and experienced ISOC IGF Ambassadors competitively selected by ISOC to represent the global organization at the IGF.

20 of us were selected  from the across the globe from over a 100 applicants. The selection criteria as introduced by the ISOC staff was being an Internet User, community member, our experience, our participation within spreading the knowledge of the Internet, ICTs and Internet Governance as well as the advantage that we bring as the future leadership for the ISOC as the Internet is used by children, youth, adults and senior people so we have a wonderful age diversity within the selected ambassadors.  These ambassadors will there be to lead and promote Internet usage development and policy initiatives within their regions and so forth.

The meeting in day was launched with the introduction of the ISOC, its IGF Ambassadors Program, ambassador introduction, meeting with ISOC’s executive management and understanding ISOC’s participation and interventions within the framework of Internet Governance and the IGF’2009. We also have the opportunity to represent ISOC at its exhibition booth and I have two slots allotted to me.  I will be sharing updates via this blog on what’s going on and where things are headed as this year the United Nations is reviewing the success of the Internet Governance Forum and whether it should be continued or not so I will be sharing a separate post on this.

You can read by own blog on with comments on general Internet Governance issues is at Internet’s Governance