Internet Governance

Workshop 93 : The Global Path for ensuring Online Child Protection and Safety: Effective Strategies and Specific Actions

Also a newbie in the IGF ambassadors’ role, I’ve tried to organise my agenda of participation in workshops based on the topic I will be involved in a workshop on Wednesday. The  workshop focused on the global path for ensuring on-line child protection and safety with a bunch of high qualified speakers in the panel. The room was well crowed and many interventions took place.

Some of the topics of the debate where the education of parents and children in the use of the emerging technology. Many samples were given, quite some interesting input and samples from the senior chief prosecutor of Egypt, demonstrating the efforts spend to get the child better protected when accessing information on the net. However, from the point of view of some organisation, such as eNasco represented by the well know John Carr there is still a long way to go to establish a viable platform where children can still take profit of the richness of information on the internet without being captured by harmful content or illegal behavior online.

It is interesting to see that in this type of workshops we see more female than male participants, something I already experienced in other conferences. It looks like male or less concerned which is probably a false perception, still they lack to interact except a few highly motivated and existed persons like John Carr.