Internet Governance

Youth Participation in IG Process- A major focus area during IGF 2009

Internet Governance Forum 2009 has kicked started today at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Bundled with a number of main sessions on IGF 2009 agenda points and more than 70 workshops, the forum is expected to bring an amazing multi-stakeholders discussion and collaboration during the four days of proceedings.
An encouraging aspect of IGF 2009 is a key focus towards encouraging the youth participation towards Internet Governance issues. During the ‘Internet Governance Setting the Scene’ main session today morning, there was a significant emphasize by the panelist on improving the youth participation around the world by saying that ‘to keep up this multi-stakeholders process on Internet Governance, Youth participation is an important area to work on’. Value and importance of Internet the way it brings the knowledge and information to all of us not only demands enhancement of Internet access but engagement of the next generation of Internet leaders, building capacity of youth to prepare themselves for taking in account the matters related with Internet. There is an exclusive workshop taking place tomorrow on ‘Youth and Internet Governance: the way forward’ at 14.30 hrs, Room 1: Sinai. Webcast of Internet Governance Forum available at
Internet Society is also imparting this important participatory regime of future Internet policy development process and has announced its ‘Next Generation Leaders Program’ during ITU Youth Forum at Telecom world 2009. The program is to be commenced next year (2010). More details of the program available here