Internet Governance

Youth voice from IGF

I could still clearly remember the talk on Internet Governance with UN member Mr. Markus Kummer in June this year in my university with other NetMission Ambassadors. IGF or Internet Governance, these terms are not unfamiliar to me. But before firsthand experience of IGF, the concept of IGF was still a bit ambiguous in my mind.

First of all, attending the IGF as an Ambassador of ISOC, I felt great honored. Besides this, that the program brings people who are devoted to ICT industry all together and provides a platform for discussion.

Actually what impressed me most during these days was the form in which IGF was conducted. Though having so many interesting workshops at the same time roused a big question for every participant, the IGF do provide people from all over the world with the platform to express their own opinions. Despite voices from some developing countries saying that the none-decision making attribute of IGF and little time to complement in one year gap, however, from my personal opinion, the IGF does provide people with the freedom to voice out and chances to participate.

Besides this, another thing that also touches me a lot is the emphasis and large involvement of youth related issues in the IGF which is very encouraging to me as part of the Young generation. Indeed, the theme of this IGF is to creating opportunities for all and the future of the internet will definitely fall on to our generation. It is of extreme importance to involve youth topics and participants in the IGF. In the IGF daily, we saw special session of youth voices which provides youth to speak out our own opinions towards the conference. At the same time, along with other NetMission Ambassadors who travelled far way from Hong Kong to the IGF village, we altogether promoted our community project regarding on bridging the digital divide, addressing internet governance issues and other internet topics. Indeed, we are more inspired by experts in the IGF and other group like Net Aman in Egypt. And this s I and other NetMission Ambassadors felt do fell in ISOC’s principle of help with the open, unencumbered, beneficial use of the Internet.