Internet Governance

Day 3 Tuesday, 17 November

My day started at the ISOC booth, I was there for a while then left for the ITU Open Forum on Cyber Security. Mr. Sami Al Basheer Al Moshid, Director, BDT, ITU spoke on the ITU Global Cyber Security Agenda which is a cooperative framework aimed at address cyber security in a coordinated and integrated manner through the 5 pillars of Legal, Technical and Procedural, Organizational, Capacity and International Cooperation. The Global Cyber Security Agenda is now in its operational phase. The ITU also has in the past year introduced IMPACT with more than 40 countries joining in. ITU is also building capacity through various toolkits. Panelists at the Forum touched on initiatives by ITU in addressing the menace of Cyber security. Later on the presenters focused each on the 5 pillars.

The afternoon was a jack of all trades afternoon, I had a bit of the following workshops; Adopting IPv6: What You Need To Know, Mitigating the Financial Crisis with Open Source Applications, The Privacy & Security Implications of Cloud Computing. It was an interesting afternoon trying to have a feel of all the parallel sessions. I wasn’t able to attend the workshops on IPv6 Transition: Economic and Technical Considerations and Internet Governance in the Light of the WSIS Principles