Internet Governance

Day 4 Wednesday, 18 November

Last day for the Forum, the host country honorary session was today seeing the visit of the First Lady of Egypt Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak. I was at the ISOC booth from 8am to 11:30. It was a pleasure being at the booth today because after the session Mrs. Mubarak took a tour of the village. I planned being in the workshop Global Capacity Building for Internet Governance but ended up in the workshop Taking stock and looking forward – on the desirability of the continuation of the Forum. I was surprised there were so many speakers that the chairman had to use a stopwatch and be firm with the time. I was surprised because all the speakers praised the institution of the forum acknowledging its achievements and called for an extension with some proposing recommendations. The last part of the day was spent in the Net neutrality workshop. One question that has been with since the workshop on net neutrality is WHAT IS NET NEUTRALITY? And what does it mean to a small country with poor infrastructure and just a limited bandwidth serving the whole country?