Internet Governance

Second day of IGF

Today was very fruitful and interesting day. In the morning I participated in “Multilingual Internet” session, with a lot of interesting panelists and discussions. For the first time I experienced ISOC booting – meeting people, talking about ISOC and especially about Next Generation Leaders Program. Especially enjoyed company of other ISOC Ambassadors at the same time in the booth. See some pics of our experience in ISOC booth.

Second part of the day was full with the participation at the workshop “Access and Diversity”, which was facilitated by my mentor Olga Cavalli. A very interesting discussion, with participation of the group of young people (15-16 years old teenagers from England), who raised questions about Internet blocking.

Thanks to my mentor I also was encouraged to stand, take a mic and ask a question to panelists about network neutrality. The workshop was about 3,5 hours, but it was so interesting, then I even didn’t imagine how the time passed.