Internet Governance

These may be of interest to a lawyer

For  a budding lawyer, the IGF presents a rare opportunity to learn, to argue and sometimes even give opinions without quoting precedent! This year, the IGF keeps up to these expectations with close to twenty  workshops and meetings on legal themes. The topics vary from corporate and social governance; human rights and freedoms on the Internet; International law/conflict of laws; consumer protection; data protection and privacy; rights of minorities; intellectual property.

While it is true that the IGF is not a law making body but more of a discussion forum, the deliberations go a long way in instructing the participants on issues, trends and approaches worldwide. The following meetings are likely to teem with lawyers and legal issues and may be of interest to a lawyer or one interested in issues legal. It is not in any way an exhaustive list and additions are welcome.

On governance:

158. Routing and Resource Certification: Self-governance and security at the core of Internet operations

103. Governance of Social Media

On rights of minorities:

73. Sexual rights, openness and regulatory systems

107. A multilingual Internet in the light of the sovereign rights of language communities

R/N 9: Brazil best practice: Bill of Rights

72. Integrated approach for child protection Online

134. Child online protection in northern Europe – different national approaches.

140. Child online protection in Latin America: building a framework for developing countries

96. Protecting women’s rights: Internet content from a gender perspective

On privacy:

66. The future of privacy

On rights and freedoms:

81. Freedom of Connection – Freedom of Expression:

85. Freedom of expression or Access to Knowledge: are wetaking the necessary steps towards an open and inclusive Internet?”

D.C.13: Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles

On international law/conflict of laws:

80. International Trade and Internet Governance

123. Legal aspects of Internet governance: International cooperation on cyber-security

56. Transnational (or trans-border) enforcement of a new information order – Issues of rights and democracy

60. A proposal for setting a standard of care in international law for cross-border Internet

On consumer protection:

112. Protecting the Consumer in an on-line world

On Intellectual Propoerty Rights

40. Openness: towards digital copyright revolution and constant monitoring.