Internet Governance

Workshops on child safety online and youth participation

I’d like to take into your consideration that child and youth issues are well placed in IGF2010. I mostly appreciated that IGF explored some aspects of the challenges of child safety online and youth matters.

119. Core Internet Values and Principles of Internet Governance Across Generations- (Dmitry Epstein, an ISOC Internet Ambassador is organizing this event)

67. Developing Civil Society and Youth Participation in Internet Governance in Asia 

127. Advancing digital citizenship aspects in children’s online /Internet experiences – Contributing to Internet Governance for Development

37. The New Breed of location Services – Challenges for child Safety

D.C.5: Youth Coalition on Internet Governance

R/N 2: Commonwealth proposals on Child Safety on the Internet

26. Teaching Internet Governance: The experience of the Schools on Internet Governance

D.C.9: Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety

69. Internet for youth – beyond safety issues

134. Child online protection in northern Europe – different national approaches.                                     

72. Integrated approach for child protection Online

140. Child online protection in Latin America: building a framework for developing countries