Internet Governance

Capacity: 89- “EI 108 Mobile and Cloud Services for Development International Chamber of Commerce, Paris Secretariat “

3rd day of IGF meeting in Kenya, one of the Panelists of the session said EU is focusing on creating competitive market in cloud computing business. Now thinking from the developing countries perspective, the developing countries have low capacity of investment. Size of investment some how not major but important to make their innovative product competitive with high standard and quality. So developing countries companies will be outside of this competition.  Developing countries will become only users of the service providers. It  has again creating  threat of  monopoly  in the bigger cloud service providers.

To prevent such monopoly-  – local companies from developed countries should empowered   to have a capacity for  participating it the global cloud computing business.  The empowerment should be done in the following issues, infrastructure, content, skill  and last but not least is investment capacity i:e business capacity. !!