Development Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) To archive

IXP, as a catalyst for Internet penetration and access to Internet in developing countries.

Internet exchange points localize the transfer of data hence providing a cheaper and faster data exchange .
They are catalyst for Internet development and as they provide better penetration of Internet access, they facilitate access to Internet in developing countries without the need to be referred to foreign intermediaries.
However, the future does not look too bright for developing countries in which the governments have monopolised the telecommunication sector.
IXPs may not grow fast in such countries and as the Internet exchange provides faster Internet, governments with restrictive policies are not in favour of having such IXPs as NGOs or businesses sector. So what would be the solution ? Can IXPs provide faster and cheaper Internet  following the restrictive policies of such governments? How can we overcome this barrier in such developing countries?
These questions may be worthy of further research.