Internet Governance

Primer for an ISOC booth ambassador

Finally it really dawned on me that I will get the opportune privilege to man the Internet Society (ISOC) booth. Located to the extreme right from the main entrance to the UN Gigiri complex, the booth is both natty, spick and span with the hallmark of a plasma display rolling animations of future internet scenarios. My shift promptly began at 10:30 and for the next one hour,  I hosted interested inquisitive souls pining to know about ISOC its mission and objectives.

The Next Generation Leader’s programme brochure was the key selling point with many ignoramus about the programme taking keen interest in it. On the other hand, I had bevies of freeloaders who desired freebies and other IGF memorabilia. No sweat. I gratuitously dished out stickers and ISOC branded pens not forgetting to remind the beneficiaries to log on to to find more good stuff. When my hour finally elapsed Siranush and Fatima joined me for a photo-op which I graciously share with you.