Internet Governance

TS 258/134 – Improving the IGF: How can we get the most out of IGF Improvement Processes? / IGF improvements (Internet Society and ICC BASIS)

During this session the main points of discussions were what the main outcomes of IGF are, the main impact of IGF and what issues of IGF should be improved for future. One of the positive aspects of IGF is to have meetings in different continents, which should be continued in future. IGF should continue to be nonbinding, free from any constrains, so to benefit from multi-stakeholder dialogue. Several issues had been raised on how to improve the IGF process, particularly:

• Reinforcement of the role of regional and national IGFs and bring into global IGFs the input from local and national IGFs in more effective way.

• The importance of the diversity of the participation, including geographic participation, but also how to improve the participation of the whole spectrum of interested people from different groups, such as Governments, civil society, academia, etc. As well as to convene the representation from different national and regional forums to come together with IGF MAG.

• To renew the people who come to IGF, particularly have wider participation of youth

• To improve IGF website – as it was mentioned by one of the participants WSIS website is beautiful and empty, but IGF website is full but ugly.

• Key factor is that not only people that are represented in IGF, but their viewpoints are important to be publicly raised.

• The need of specific policy mechanisms. Not participation for the sake of it, but in the context of concrete policy issues.