Internet Governance

What is the future of IGF?

The future of IGF is related with the issue of Internet, freedom and human rights.

So here are my few thoughts.

– If you ask me a question as:  Do you think “Internet” should be free like air and water?

– My answer is: “You are asking me wrong question!”

– Why, the term “Internet” and “Water” or “Air” are different and can not be compare. We can only compare between these terms if we add another term here is “Content”

– So now we can compare like this.

– Internet = Pipe

– Content= Water.

– Now you can ask me:  “Should Internet (Pipe) should be free for all?”

– My answer for you is: Yes it should be completely free for all. (But in reality pipe is not free!)

– Again you can ask me: “Should Content (Water) should be free for all?”

– My answer for you is: NO it should not be free but should be regulated (But in reality water is also not free! – Till to date –  1.2 billion people are without clean drinking water.  (source)– – No one has right to feed dirty drinking water to the  citizens.

– Again you can ask me another question: Is access of Content (or Internet) is human right?

– Then my answer is like this: Yes it should be count under basic human right. But! But!! But!!! Human rights the terms it self is controversy around the world and mostly the definition is dominated from political dictionary. And it can not be define from one aspects or dimension. We need lawyer, we need government, we need civil society, we need business man, we need academia and technocrats and we need end user etc.

– So here comes the meaning of IGF (Internet Governance Forum) a forum for multi-stake holder discussion. It creates the environment that all the stakeholders can sit together and can discuss all the old and new issues ahead them. And this process is dynamic , does not have end.  IGF does not decide any things, nor it has this mandate, but! but!! but!!! it supports every one to come in common ground to understand the issues.

– So the future of IGF has more more  important and it should not  have end it should be continue for long long time in the way how it is going on.