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Adding Options To Sign In Via Twitter and Facebook For Comments…

If you’ve been visiting the Deploy360 site regularly (and we hope you have 🙂 ), you’ll notice that we’ve been making various changes and tweaks to the site over time. We will continue to do that as we work on both bringing you more content and also improving the ways in which we can engage with you all in conversations about the content.

To that latter point, I have enabled a plugin that gives you the ability to sign in when leaving a comment via Twitter or Facebook. You still – and will always, if I have anything to do with it – have the option to simply leave your name and email, but we’re just offering visitors the convenience of signing in via these services:


I may add other signin options, too, such as a personal favorite of mine, OpenID, assuming I can find the right mixture of plugins that provide the functionality I want and that don’t clutter up the user experience.

And, as with any site under active development like ours is, this signin functionality may change (i.e. it may not look exactly like the screenshot above) or disappear for a bit if I’m trying other options.

Please know that we’re always interested to hear from you, not only about how we can help you with IPv6 and DNSSEC, but also how we can help you better interact with our site and the content. You can leave comments to posts like this – or send us feedback via email or our online form.

Thanks for visiting!