It's Friday – Why Not Make It "IPv6 Friday"?

IPv6FridayIt’s Friday… why not make it a day to set aside 30 minutes to learn about IPv6? Maybe try out some new aspects you haven’t considered before? Or to actually set up a home test environment?

Over on his IPv6 Friday site, Olle Johansson aims to help people do exactly that. Every Friday he publishes a new post with information and ideas to help you do more with IPv6. Between Fridays, he’s also interacting with people via Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Recent topics have included:

Olle’s a great guy who you’ll find is very passionate on the topic of IPv6… and he’s sharing that passion and knowledge with all of us. He writes enjoyable posts with plenty of links for you to learn more.

Check out on Fridays… or follow along on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Kudos to Olle for creating the site and we’re excited to see where he goes with it!