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The Case Of The Missing RSS Icons – And Comments Are Now Open

We love receiving the great feedback we’ve been getting about the Deploy360 site… please do keep the feedback coming! We’re definitely listening – and making changes based on what you are suggesting or noticing. Two examples:

RSS Icons

While we’ve always had an RSS feed for this site at:

multiple people commented to us that they couldn’t easily find the feed. And, indeed, some of the recent web browsers no longer make it quite as easy to automagically find the RSS feeds as it used to be. I’ve now added RSS icons to the “Follow Us” sidebars and also added a “RSS Feed” link to the footer of all pages. Thanks again for the suggestion/request.

Comments Are Now Open

Someone also pointed out that leaving a comment on one of our blog posts or resources required you to login to the site. You could not just simply leave a comment with your name and URL.


It turns out that when we formally launched the site to the public I had neglected to disable one of the security options I had enabled to lock down access to the site while it was in development. I disabled that option and you should now be able to leave comments without any problem.

Please note that because of all the blog comment spam, we are running all comments through Akismet spam filters and also moderating all comments from people who have not left a comment on the site before. However, we will be approving all initial comments as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for the feedback and please do let us know how we can make this site even more effective and useful for you!