Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) IPv6

Video – Panel: Challenges and Opportunities in Deploying IPv6 and DNSSEC

At our Toronto ION conference on November 14, 2011, a significant segment of the day consisted of a panel discussion on the “Challenges and Opportunities in Deploying IPv6 and DNSSEC”. Moderator Paul Andersen led off the session with an introduction where he set the stage for the panel, talked about IPv6 and DNSSEC in Canada and discussed the flow of the session. The video and slides Paul used are below.

After that each of the panelists offered their views of the challenges and opportunities. The video and slides for each of their presentations have already been posted:

After those presentations, the panelists engaged in about 45 minutes of discussion of questions, some initially raised by Paul but then many others coming from the audience. It was a very educational and interesting panel discussion.

The video of the full discussion session is included further down the page below Paul’s introduction.

We remain very appreciative of the panelists for taking the time to participate in our Toronto ION event and we hope you enjoy and learn from the conversation.

Paul Andersen’s introduction is available on video:

His introductory slides are available at:

The 45-minute panel discussion is viewable at: