Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Want to Stay Up on DNSSEC Deployment? Join The Mailing List!

Dnssec deployment mailing list 1UPDATE – March 2016: This dnssec-deployment mailing list is currently in transition from one service to another. In the meantime we would encourage you to subscribe instead to the “dnssec-coord” mailing list at:


Want to stay up on the latest happenings with regard to deploying DNSSEC? Want to learn from others who are out there deploying DNSSEC right now? Need a forum to ask questions while you work on your own DNSSEC deployment?

If so, then another great resource is the “dnssec-deployment” mailing list hosted by the DNSSEC Deployment Initiative. Info about the list, a link to the archive and subscription information can all be found at:

As the archives show, there’s a high quality to the level of conversation. For instance, much of the conversation lately has been around the Comcast / NASA DNSSEC validation error and the great thing is that discussion includes people from both NASA and Comcast.

I’ve certainly learned a lot from reading the list and highly recommend it to anyone interested in DNSSEC deployment issues.