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Want to understand more about the Deploy360 Programme? Check out our news release…

Deploy360logo 200Want to understand a bit more about what this Internet Society Deploy360 Programme is all about? If you missed it, last week we issued a formal news release that explained a bit more about what the program is all about. In particular we mentioned that it will have several primary components:

  • A growing web portal with hands-on technical resources and educational articles, operational best practices, case studies, and in-depth deployment information
  • Four ION Conferences each year to bring together network engineers and leading industry experts
  • Social media interactions to encourage year-round deployment discussions
  • Speaking engagements at technical industry conferences and events around the globe, including a tutorial on IPv6 in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show

Our About page also provides more info about what we are planning to do with this program.

Above all, we’d like to year from youwhat can we do to help you deploy IPv6 and DNSSEC? Please do let us know!