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Chris Grundemann's Excellent “Introducing IPv6” Article Series

Over on his “don’t panic” blog, Chris Grundemann has started an excellent series of articles on the topic of “Introducing IPv6”.  You can see the articles he’s written so far:

In his first post in the 4-part series, Understanding IPv6 Addresses, Chris goes down to a bit level to explain exactly why we wound up writing IPv6 addresses in hexadecimal notation, and then explains some of the shortcuts we use.  In part 2, Classifying IPv6 Addresses, Chris takes a look at the different types of IPv6 addresses and walks through each of them works.  In part 3, IPv6 Headers, he looks at what is different in IPv6 headers and how extension headers work… and his final part 4 will cover “Neighbor Discovery and SLAAC“.

Chris has a great writing style that’s very easy to understand.  It’s great that he’s writing this series and I look forward to seeing more of these kinds of IPv6 posts coming our way from Chris!

Introducing IPv6