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Digital Panchayat – Village Counsels in India

I am extremely happy to be here sharing the Digital Panchayat project that has just got selected for small grants program of Internet Society. Actually in India, the Panchayat is a collection and representation of 2-4 villages and their head of council, Sarpanch, is democratically elected. Panchayat is a the lowest link of governance. And if all the Panchayats are made online and trained the Sarpanches, India could truly project the country bottom up. There are more than 300,000 Panchayats in India and not one is officially online. We have done interesting beginning and so far in a very rudimentary level make about 100 online in the Western region of India in state called Maharshtra. The same could be seen at

Posted: 7 June 2010 by