Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

DNSSEC Train-The-Trainer From NLnet Labs Feb 9-10 and Feb 16-17

NL Net LabsInterested in teaching DNSSEC or developing your own DNSSEC training courses or courseware? We recently learned that Olaf Kolkman of NLNet Labs will be teaching a “DNSSEC train-the-trainer” class two separate times this month. His first class is this week on Thursday and Friday, February 9th and 10th. His second is next week on February 16th and 17th. The material covered will include:

BLOCK 1 Classic DNS
BLOCK 2: Unbound in practice
BLOCK 3: DNS Security DNSSEC Theory fundamentals
BLOCK 4: DNS Keys: risks and management
BLOCK 5: Introducing DNSSEC in a workflow
BLOCK 6: Software and tools availability and development
PRACTICE 1: Setting up a validating recursive nameserver
PRACTICE 2: Setting up an Authorititive Nameserver
PRACTICE 3: Secure Delegation
PRACTICE 4: KEY Rollover

The class is being taught at the Fastlane training center in De Meern, The Netherlands, and the information we have is that there are still a few remaining openings in each class. Contact information and a full course outline can be found on the page about the DNSSEC training (in Dutch).