Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

ICANN Publishes List of Domain Registrars Supporting DNSSEC

ICANNWe were very pleased to see that ICANN’s Security Team published a list of domain name registrars that support DNSSEC. At this point in the deployment of DNSSEC it’s not a very long list, but it’s a good start – and a list that we hope will grow rapidly in the months ahead.

As we note on our page about how to secure and sign your domain with domain registrars, registrars play a couple of roles in the DNSSEC process. Primarily, they accept “Delegation Signer” (DS) records that contain information about the keys that are used to sign your zone.

Many registrars are also “DNS hosting providers” and will automatically sign all your DNS records on your behalf. We’ve provided some DNSSEC signing tutorials on that page and have others in development.

It’s great to see ICANN maintaining that list and, as they note, if you know of more domain registrars who support DNSSEC, they would like to hear from you at (and we’d love to write more tutorials for our pages).