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IPv6 Layman's Guide Provides Non-Geek Intro To IPv6 Transition Issues

A Layman's Guide to the IPv6 TransitionWhat should home users be most concerned about with regard to IPv6? Over at the Mac Observer, John Martellaro wrote a great article titled, “A Layman’s Guide To The IPv6 Transition” where he takes a look at how the IPv6 transition may affect residential users.  He covers questions such as:

  • What is TCP/IP?
  • Why is IPv4 Inadequate?
  • What Is The Industry Planning?
  • How Will the Change Affect Your Computer?
  • How Will the Change Affect Your Cable Modem?
  • How Will the Change Affect Your Home Router?
  • What About Your Other Home Devices?
  • IPv6 and Security
  • Will There be an Extra Charge for IPv6?
  • What if You do Nothing?

You may find this article a useful resource to pass along to non-technical colleagues or friends who want to know more about how IPv6 may affect their home network.