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Network Computing: Time To Buckle Down and Start an IPv6 Project

Over on the Network Computer site, author Robert Mullins recently said it’s time to buckle down and start an IPv6 project. The first of an apparent three-part series, this article primarily provides an overview of the issues around the transition to IPv6, mentions the upcoming World IPv6 Launch, addresses the “chicken and egg” situation around IPv6 deployment and suggests that organizations look at trying some kind of IPv6 project.

According to the article, part two of the series will look at how to deploy an IPv6 network on top of an existing IPv4 network.

The author very nicely mentions Deploy360 (thanks!) and this is what we’re here for!  We want to help you get IPv6 deployed in some way within your network and organization.  Please do take a look at the many IPv6 resources we have available… and if you can’t find what you are looking for, please let us know so that we can find those resources!