Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

NLnet Labs Makes Their DNSSEC Training Materials Freely Available For All To Use

Want to offer your own DNSSEC training courses? Or want to run an internal DNSSEC training class? Or want to give a DNSSEC presentation to a local user group? Or are you simply looking for material to help you learn more about DNSSEC?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Olaf Kolkman and the team at NLnet Labs have given the Internet community a wonderful gift in the form of DNSSEC course materials that are freely available for usage and modification (subject to attribution). The slides are all part of a DNSSEC “Train the Trainer” course that Olaf recently gave and are available in PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF form from:

The materials are licensed under a permissive Creative Commons license that basically lets you do whatever you want to the materials, including modify them and use them for commercial training, provided you include the appropriate attribution link.

It’s great that the NLnet Labs team has made this material available and we hope that people across the Internet find it a useful way to teach about DNSSEC and get more people using DNSSEC!

Thanks, Olaf and NLnet Labs!