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RIPE Labs Reports on IPv4 Address Depletion Per Region

IPv4AddressSpaceGrowthWhich regions of the world are depleting their IPv4 addresses the quickest? Our friends over at RIPE Labs published some interesting statistics earlier this month about the growth in IPv4 address allocation per region. The article’s goal is:

With the depletion of the IPv4 free pool in the APNIC region and the imminent IPv4 free pool run out in the RIPE NCC’s service region, it is interesting to look at IPv4 allocation rates per country to see where free pool run out has and will have the most consequences, in terms of curtailing growth of IPv4 address usage. In this article, we try to visualise where “the pressure is on” the most.

To perhaps no surprise, the Asia-Pacific and Latin/South American regions experienced the greatest demand for IPv4 address allocations although in the case of the AP region the “free pool” of IPv4 addresses is now exhausted.

The brief report by Emile Aben provides some very interesting data and useful summaries of the state of IPv4 address usage around the world. Definitely worth a read for those looking to understand where we are with IPv4 address exhaustion.