Slides: The Status of IPv6 and Open Source/Free Operating systems

What is the status of IPv6 support in free / open source operating systems? Recently Olle Johansson gave a presentation in Sweden where he provided, in his own words:

A status report from a brief test of IPv6 support (including DHCPv6 and SLAAC) in OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora compared with Windows 7 and OS/X

His testing focused on trying to answer these questions:

  • Can I install a desktop operating system over IPv6?
  • Can I add and install packages over IPv6?
  • Can I configure it with combinations of Router Solicitations/Advertisements and DHCPv6?
Basically, his goal was to see – how ready are we to run IPv6 single-stack?

Olle was quite up front, too, in saying that he was doing this testing as a beginner with the operating systems because he believes it should be that easy to deploy.  While his conclusions are that there is still a good bit of work to do, his testing at least provides some pointers for where work needs to be done within the operating systems.

Olle’s nicely made his slides available for us to see in SlideShare: