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A new “Introduction to Deploy360” promotional video – comments?

Last week we had the whole team working on the Deploy360 Programme in our Reston, VA, office and so we took a moment to shoot some video segments describing the program.  I spent some time with iMovie and the result is this “promotional video” about our program. Our intent with this is to have it available to explain to people in a little under 3 minutes what it is we are doing with the Deploy360 Programme.

Comments and feedback are welcome – what do you think of this as a way to promote what we are doing?

P.S. And yes, the audio/podcast guy in me wishes the audio were a bit crisper, but unfortunately I didn’t have my audio recording gear with me and so what you are hearing is the audio recorded by my Nikon D90 DSLR. Another time I’ll have my audio kit with me… 🙂