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ASNET-AM IPv6 deployment

With the depletion of IPv4 addresses the transfer to IPv6 addresses is of primary importance. Academic Scientific Research Computer Network of Armenia (ASNET-AM) has started IPv6 deployment in the mid 2011.

Now with the help of ISOC Community Grants Programme we have forced IPv6 deployment both on hardware and software levels.

Deployment of IPv6 in several parts of ASNET-AM network infrastructure is now in progress. It will serve as a basis for further process of complete transition to IPv6 within ASNET-AM network.

Following parts are being deployed:

•    Adaptation of existing mobile broadband 3G access service for IPv6
•    Adaptation of existing broadband radio access network segment for IPv6
•    Adaptation of existing EoIP segment for IPv6
•    Creation of HTTP, DNS and Proxy services for IPv6
•    Creation interconnection with network operators and network service providers for IPv6 connectivity