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Can IPv6 Addresses Be “Fun”?

So what is the most “fun” IPv6 address you’ve seen?

Fun? IPv6 address?

Well, yes… now that you have the letters “a – f” in addition to the numbers, you can add a bit of creativity to your addresses.  As was recently pointed out on Twitter, the folks at Facebook had some fun with the IPv6 address for “” being:


Obviously a “k” would have been better, but “face:b00c” is rather cool!  There are also any number of other possibilities. Consider some of these:


Obviously you don’t have to limit yourself to just two blocks of the IPv6 address. For instance, here’s the perfect IPv6 address for a cattle rancher’s server:


Have you seen any creative IPv6 addresses out there in the wild?  What is the most creative use of “a-f” plus the numbers that you can come up with?  Have you seen anyone else add some branding into their IPv6 addresses?

Just think of the possibilities!

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