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Speaking at SATIN 2012 on Friday About DNSSEC Deployment

This Thursday and Friday I (Dan York) will be at the “Securing and Trusting Internet Names (SATIN) 2012” event taking place at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in London, UK. As the event site indicates, this event is a bit of a merger of academia and industry:

SATIN aims to provide a forum for academic work on the security of the DNS alongside industry presentations on practical experiences in providing name services.

This workshop will expose the academics to the real problems that industry is encountering, and show industry what academia has to offer them.

The SATIN 2012 agenda looks quite good and I’m looking forward to learning a good bit about new research into DNSSEC and other technologies to protect DNS. It’s great to see someone from Comcast there talking about their work and I admit to having a particular interest in the session on DANE, as I see DANE as a potential way to show how DNSSEC can add more value to existing networks. (More on DANE in later posts.)

On Friday I’ll be speaking about some of what we’ve seen as we prepared the DNSSEC part of this Deploy360 site and the opportunities we see for simplifying the user experience and accelerating DNSSEC deployment. As part of preparing for the event, I developed with my colleagues here at the Internet Society a 7-page paper on “Challenges and Opportunities in Deploying DNSSEC” that I’m definitely looking forward to sharing with you all.

We’ll be posting both my paper and slides to our site once the event is over. The NPL is also going to be recording all of the sessions and making them available via YouTube. As soon as the videos are live, we’ll start posting about them here, too.

If any of you reading this will be at SATIN 2012 this week, please do say hello (and feel free to drop me a note in advance).