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Whitepaper: .SE Health Status Report on DNS and DNSSEC

This week the folks at .SE in Sweden released a report full of DNS and DNSSEC information and statistics related to .SE at:

.SE Health Status – DNS and DNSSEC (PDF)

Today at the SATIN 2012 event in London, Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder from .SE discussed many of the statistics and information contained in the report.    She highlighted many of the major errors they’ve seen and provided an intriguing view into how DNSSEC is actually being deployed in terms of key lengths, encryption algorithms, etc.

At the time of the analysis in early February, .SE had 174,487 domains signed with DNSSEC out of a total of 1,195,719 registered domains.  The document contains a number of interesting charts and other data.

While this report is obviously about a single top-level-domain, it provides interesting insight into DNS and DNSSEC deployment.  Sweden has been a leader in DNSSEC deployment and we look forward to seeing future surveys and the continued growth in signed domains.  Thanks to the .SE team for providing this data to the larger community.

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