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CZ.NIC Labs Launchs DNSSEC Validator Extension for Internet Explorer

C Z dot NIC Labs logoThe news out today is that the great folks at CZ.NIC Labs have launched a DNSSEC validation extension for Internet Explorer similar to the Google Chrome DNSSEC extension and Mozilla Firefox DNSSEC Add-on they have previously released.  Details can be found at:

(NOTE: To view the page in English you need to click on the “English” link up near the top center of the page.)

The CZ.NIC Labs team labels this a “technical preview” with a version number of “0.1”.  Judging from the warnings they provide the extension is still very early in the development cycle.

Still, for those interested in experimenting with a way to view the DNSSEC validation status of sites you are visiting, this new extension and toolbar provide a way to see this information directly inside of IE.