Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Have You Signed Your Domain With DNSSEC Yet? (Here are instructions…)

Have you signed your domain name with DNSSEC yet?  If not, how about doing that today?  Or as a weekend project?

This one little step can go a long way in both helping make your own Internet presence that much more secure and also in helping move the overall DNSSEC effort forward industry-wide.

To help you out, we’ve put together a few “how to sign your domain name using DNSSEC” tutorials for some of the leading registrars supporting DNSSEC:

If your registrar is not listed on that page, you can also check ICANN’s list of registrars supporting DNSSEC to see if your registrar is listed.

If your registrar is not listed on either site, you may want to look at your registrar’s website to see if they have any mention of DNSSEC. Note that I’ve found a couple of registrars out there who mention “Premium DNS” and on closer inspection turn out to essentially be GoDaddy resellers – in which case the GoDaddy DNSSEC tutorial applies. (And if you do find that they support DNSSEC, could you please send us a note so that we can add them to our list? Thanks!)

And if you still can’t find any information, why not drop an email to your registrar’s support address asking when they will have DNSSEC support?  Either that… or consider moving your domain to a registrar that does support DNSSEC already!  (Yes, I know, moving registrars can be a headache… )

If we can each take a moment to go out and sign some more domains (or to encourage more registrars to support DNSSEC), we’ll move that much closer to having a more secure Internet!