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Ram Mohan on DNSSEC and ICANN's Costa Rica Meeting

Given that I was one of the presenters at the recent DNSSEC workshop at ICANN 43 in Costa Rica, I was very pleased to see the Circle ID article on Friday, “Slowly Cracking the DNSSEC Code at ICANN 43” from Ram Mohan at Afilias. As he notes:

The half-day session held at ICANN 43 in Costa Rica last month was particularly interesting. What became clear is that the industry is quickly moving into the end-user adoption phase of global DNSSEC deployment.

That was certainly clear to me as well.  As Ram Mohan notes in his article, many of the participants in the event brought real case studies of where DNSSEC is being actually deployed and used in real situations.   It was a great event and I’m looking forward to pointing to more of the case studies and other information as they become available.