Jima's IPv6 TLD Hall-of-Shame

Patrick “Jima” Laughton is an advocate for IPv6 who, inspired by a conversation on Facebook, decided to do something to highlight which top-level domains (TLDs) were NOT IPv6-ready.  And thus was born the “IPv6 TLD Hall-of-Shame“, available at:

He has two lists:

  1. TLDs without IPv6 nameservers
  2. TLDs with IPv6 nameservers but no IPv6 “glue” records in the root zone

He’s been updating the list periodically and has been removing TLDs as they add IPv6 service. As World IPv6 Launch grows closer and closer, we’d like to see these lists shrink even more!

We look forward to the day when he’ll have empty lists and can shut the site down.

UPDATE 28 Oct 2015: Per the comment below from the author, we’ve updated the URL.

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