2 Weeks To World IPv6 Launch – The Countdown Is On!

If you have looked at the World IPv6 Launch website recently, you’ll notice a new addition – yes, indeed, we’re counting down the seconds!

How are YOU planning to get involved?

If you operate your own website, look at our steps for content providers to enable IPv6 for suggestions about how to get started. In particular, look at content delivery networks as a way you might easily IPv6-enable your content.  Then, if you think you will be able to get your content IPv6-enabled before June 6th, register as a participant of World IPv6 Launch (NOTE: you need to register by May 30 to be listed as a participant on the site, although the IPv6 connectivity doesn’t need to be in place until June 6.)

If you are a network operator / ISP, read about what’s involved with becoming part of World IPv6 Launch and sign up if you are able to meet the commitments.  If you are a home router vendor, odds are that if you haven’t started the process it’s going to be quite tough to hit the deadline to be listed as a launch participant, but you can read about the requirements on the World IPv6 Launch site.

Of course, registering on the website as a participant is just one way that you can participate and World IPv6 Launch is just the start of the new era of the IPv6-enabled Internet… so if you don’t think you’ll be able to meet the June 6 “deadline”, don’t worry… just get started! Even if it takes you a bit longer you’ll still be part of the new era!

And if you don’t fit in those categories but are a passionate supporter of IPv6, please do help us spread the word! Add a logo to your website… retweet our tweets… spread the links… join the movement!

World IPv6 Launch – this time it’s for real!

World IPv6 Launch