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I Love Seeing How Companies Are Promoting World IPv6 Launch!

Okay, I have to admit that as an advocate for World IPv6 Launch on June 6th, I absolutely loved opening up Tweetdeck this morning and seeing a “promoted tweet” advertising World IPv6 Launch activities at the top of the my Twitter search on IPv6:

And here it is in the Twitter web interface:

Twitter search with promoted tweet

Now usually I thoroughly dislike the promoted tweets and wish they would stop “polluting” my Twitter stream, but in this case I was thrilled to see them!     Kudos to Cisco SP Mobility for taking the World IPv6 Launch message out into the Twittersphere in the form of advertisements.  And while I may or may not personally attend Cisco’s webcast, I’m glad to see them out there doing it.

I’ve also been very pleased to see a number of email messages promoting webinars or other events that other companies are doing in the run up to June 6th. Which raises the question:

What are YOU doing to help promote World IPv6 Launch?

Are you hosting any webinars/webcasts in the remaining 3 weeks? Are you talking to your clients or customers about how they can get started with IPv6?  Have you talked to internal teams about IPv6?  Have you added a World IPv6 Launch badge / banner to your website or blog?

How will you help people be part of this historic event?